Terms of Use

We would like to introduce you with basic information relating to service use that you might be curious about while using service. You will be able to understand the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between PockeySoft(hereinafter “Company” or “Service”) and Subscriber (hereinafter “Subscriber” or “You”) and the Company is posting these Terms of Use in the service for You to easily access. Company will make its best efforts to provide stable service in a continuous manner and we sincerely hope to get closer to You with these Terms of Use we are introducing to you.

The definition and interpretation of the terms used in this agreement are as follows.

Service” refers to Clubee, Clubee related services that can be used regardless of the device (including all sorts of wired/wireless devices including PC, TV, portable device and etc.)

Subscriber” refers to a customer who logs into Service, signs an agreement for use with the Company in accordance with these Terms of Use and uses Service provided by the Company.

Content” is messages, photos, videos, files, and links composed of signs, characters, sounds, pictures and movies that you had posted on the Service while using the Service.

"Club" means a service provided by the Company that allows members to freely share their interests and socialize with one or more members in a group created by members through the service of the Company.

"Club Master" means a member who has opened a club through the service provided by the Company and a member who has transferred the representative authority of the club.

"Club Manager" means a member who is responsible for the management and management of the club appointed by the chairperson and management.

"Member" means a member who is a member of a club and who is a member of a club.


The Terms of Use will be posted for you to easily understand and be modified upon sharing with you in advance

Company will post the Terms of Use within the Service or connecting page so that You can easily access the content. The Company may amend the Terms of Use within the scope of not violating relevant laws. In the case when the Company amends the Terms of Use, it shall post a public notice in Service with a clear statement of the application date and the reason of amendment for at least seven (7) days along with existing Terms. However, if the change is unfavorable to You, the Company shall post such change within the service for a certain period of time and notify You clearly of the modification via other possible electronic means, such as agreement pop-up during login.

If the Subscriber fails to express any disagreement explicitly for content that is announced as having an amended version of Terms of Use by the Company, the Company shall consider this as an agreement by the Subscriber with the amended version of Terms of Use. When You do not agree to the application of amended Terms of Use, the Company cannot apply the amended provisions, and You may terminate the Agreement. In case the existing Terms of Use cannot be applied for special reasons, the Company may terminate the use agreement with You. If any part of this Terms of Use shall be concluded to be inapplicable, the remainder shall remain effective.

The Terms of Use and Activity Policy will be complementary.

Company may prepare separate terms and conditions of use and Activity Policy (“Operation Policies") for each respective Service. Situations and incidents that are not defined herein or the interpretation of the Terms of Use will be handled in accordance to the Activity Policy, related laws and business practices.

You will go through several steps before the actual use of Service.

The agreement is established with the approval of Company at a request of a person who wishes to be Subscriber (hereinafter “Subscription Applicant”) to apply oneself as Subscriber upon consenting to the details of the Agreement. As a general rule, the Company grants the Subscription Applicant the right to use the Service. However, the Company may disallow use or terminate the agreement at a later date in the following cases: First of all, if the Subscription Applicant previously lost his/her rights as a Subscriber, due to provisions in the Terms of Use; however, those who were permitted to re-subscribe as Subscriber to Company is an exception; secondly, if the Subscription Applicant provides false information or does not provide information requested by the Company; thirdly, if the approval of subscription is impossible due to a reason attributable to the Subscription Applicant or if the application is made violating provisions set forth herein. Lastly, child and youth below 13 in the US shall not be allowed to use the Clubee and all Clubee related services. Other than these, the Company may reserve approval if there is a lack of service-related facilities or if technical or managerial issues are present.

You can change your personal information at any time.

You can view and change your personal information at any time on the profile setting screen. The Subscribers must notify the Company of any changes in the information submitted in the subscription application by changing the pertaining information on profile online. If there is a change to the mobile phone number or if you are inactivating the phone, you must update Subscribers’s account information within forty-eight (48) hours. If not, your contents could be sent to a third party who has acquired your existing phone number. The Company will not be responsible for any loss experienced by the Subscribers due to his/her failure to update his/her personal information

We make efforts to protect your personal information

The Company protects your personal information according to related laws, and with regard to protection and use of personal information, related laws and service’s privacy policies are applied. However, if child pornography is distributed, a large scale of pornography is distributed, or if content deemed to be life-threatening is discovered, the Company may provide personal information to related law enforcement agencies apart from the Company’s privacy policies. In addition, the Company may check the contents of a post if there is a need to verify the compliance with related legislation or these Terms of Use, and may provide the contents of posts or chats to the related law enforcement agencies according to related laws.

If you have not logged in or accessed Service for a certain period of time, your information may be destroyed or stored separately after prior notification via email, in-Service alert, or other appropriate electronic means, and the related Service Terms of Use may be terminated if you continue to not access the Service.

The Company’s privacy policies are not applied to other linked websites other than the official website.

Your location information is managed in a safe manner

The Company may provide location-based service to enable a sharing of information in a more useful manner. For this, we provide free service based on location information that we receive from location information agencies. When searching or creating Clubs, posting, and making meetings, the Company provides a feature to save location information with Club information and posts so that your location or specific locations can be shared. The main methods of collecting personal location information include collecting real-time location information through station-based (Cell method) mobile phone; collecting through GPS information via dedicated terminal where GPS chip is built-in, and collecting through Wi-Fi information gathered with a dedicated terminal where Wi-Fi chip is built-in.

Respective CLUB and contents can be operated and exposed depending on the type.

Each Club's type differs by several options such as searching, exposure, joining, etc. There are 2 types of Club: A Secret Club (will not be exposed to search results), a Public Club (its club name and tags can be searched). You can be invited, search and join. To join a Secret Club, you should be invited by a current member of that Club.

The Club Master/Club Manager will be granted with an authority to approve or deny the member sign-up and/or withdraw a member who is already joining the Club. In addition, the Club Master/Club Manager may use the editing feature applicable to the posting by a member in Club to share with others beforehand or afterward.

When a user searches for a word that is included in the Club name or Club tags, some information such as the Club name, introduction, cover photo, and member count are exposed in search results within Clubee.

We would like you to respect the rights of the Service and Writer.

All copyrights of the post that Club had uploaded to Service vest in the creator of the post. The copyright and intellectual property rights to Service belongs to the Company, however it shall not be applicable to post that You had created or creation provided accordingly to the partnership agreement. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights to trademarks, service marks and logos related to Services provided by the Company, including designs of Service provided by the Company, text, scripts, graphics created by the Company, and functions that allow exchange between Subscribers belong to the Company, in accordance to provisions in related legislation or the Company has ownership or the right to use such copyrights or intellectual property rights.

The Company only grants the Subscriber the right to use the Service, in accordance to conditions defined by the Company, and You cannot transfer, sell or use other means to dispose of such rights. You are not granted with the right to own the Service or gain copyright ownership of the Service through these Terms of Use, but only are granted with a permission from the Company to use the Service, to gain information from the Service, and to use the Service in its given state for personal purposes only.

You must not use, copy and/or distribute Subscriber’s status information, which is acquired through the Service, for profit-making purposes, other than contents permitted explicitly and may not copy or distribute mutual transmission feature for text, script, graphic created by the Company. However, except for a case where You had been explicitly granted with written permission from the Companyyou shall not attempt to create derivatives, reverse-file or extract source code in regards to Service or software within.

There are several matters that you need to know about Service use.

The following actions must not be performed within the Service for sound use of the Service.

Such actions refer to using the Service against its original purpose and include the followings: 1) Submitting false information when subscribing or changing information 2) Illegally using other person’s information 3) Illegally collecting or disclosing other Subscriber’s personal information or registration/ usage history. 4) Posing risk to account security including allowing others to access one’s account 5) Distributing false information for the purpose of providing monetary benefits or posing damage to others 6) Using Service to encourage or mediate unsound relationship or 7) Actions that defame or damage individual or group’s reputation.

Also, we ask the Subscriber not to change information posted by the Company or use the Service for profit-making purposes, without approval from the CompanySubscribers shall not falsely represent oneself as the Company or the third party. Illegally using other’s identity, infringing on intellectual property rights, damaging a reputation and interrupting Company’s business shall also be prohibited. Transmitting or posting information (including computer program) other than information decided by the Company or disclosing and posting information on Service that contain sexually explicit or violent messages, videos or sounds, other contents that go against good public order and customs, or content that deceives others such as impersonating another person or asserting false facts shall also be banned.

Any action of aiding or encouraging activities stipulated above or unlawful or improper activities are also prohibited and You must abide by related legislation, the provisions herein, Activity Policy, notice on use and other matters notified in regards to the Service as well as the notices informed by the Company and shall not interfere with the Company’s business.

Please refer to our Activity Policy for more details regarding notices.

You could be restricted for Service use in unavoidable circumstances.

The Company promises to treat your content carefully based on a variety of information and opinions, but it does not check and manage all content. If your content is in violation of related laws, Terms of Use, or Activity Policy, it may be set to private, deleted, or not registered.

If Your Content includes material violating related legislation, the rights holder may demand a suspension, etc. of the posting in a procedure set by related law, and the Company shall take measures in accordance with the related legislation. Also, even though there is no demand from the right holder, a temporary measure or deletion/shut down, etc. can be taken for a group in accordance with the related legislation if the group has content which is deemed to have infringed on the right of others or violated Company policy or other related legislation.

If you violate any obligations or interfere with normal operations of service, the company can limit your use of service by warning, temporarily terminating, and permanently terminating your account. However, providing illegal software, disrupting operation, illegal communication and hacking, distributing malicious software, exceeding access limits, mechanical activity and other acts that violate related laws and any act that circumvents the Company's technical measures to prevent abuse of the Service, such as attempting to do anything that is not considered normal Service use or is prohibited by the Service may result in immediate permanent account terminating. All benefits acquired through Service use shall become extinct during a permanent suspension, and Company shall not make additional indemnification for such matter. The Company shall follow policies stipulated in Restrictions on use and Activity Policy for conditions and details of restrictions.

Company shall notify upon its Subscribers via set notification method in case of restricted Service use or cancellation of agreement, and if You were to raise an objection to the restriction measure taken by the CompanyYou shall do so in compliance with process set by the Company. When the Company acknowledges the objection of the Subscriber just, the Company shall reinitiate the Service immediately.

We are strictly against and do not allow any pornography of Child and Youth.

Child and Youth are our future, and they should be protected by everyone. In order for Child and Youth to learn proper values and grow into healthy members of the society, Company will continue to pursue and create a healthy and safe environment to the best of its abilities.

In the case of pornography of Child and Youth, in addition to general pornography, any threats to disseminate revealing images, sexual services, or suggesting such acts may be considered related. Also, even if the pornography was disseminated in order to raise awareness of child pornography and sexual offenses if the content includes explicit pornographic material such acts may be considered related.

The company will take immediate action if any obscene content including a person considered to be a minor is found. In addition, coordinated response with judicial authorities could be implemented, for example, the user who distributed or published such material will receive the highest disciplinary measures and related material could also be provided to investigating authorities.

The company is always open to any reports of pornography of Child and Youth. In addition, the company will continue to work hard to protect minors from such dangers.

We try hard to provide stable Service.

Company provides all Services including Clubee service and service provided to the Subscriber that has been developed by the Company, or has resulted from partnership agreements signed with other companies. As a rule, Service must be provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the Company may segment the Service into parts, and designate usable times to each part, with prior notification. The Company is eligible to provide part or all Service differently to each Subscriber depending on identification status, registered information, and the conditions set forth by the Company.

Also, the Company may temporarily suspend the Service due to reasons such as maintenance, replacement or malfunction of information and communication facilities, including computers, loss of communication or major operational issues. If such incidents arise, the Company must notify the Subscriber using the method designated for its Subscribers. However, the Company may notify Subscribers ex post facto if situations prohibit the Company from posting a notification in advance. Other than these, the Company may conduct regular maintenance if it is necessary for Service provision, and maintenance must be conducted on the time posted on the Service webpage.

Service is subject to change from time to time.

Company may modify parts or the whole Service if operational or technical necessities arise due to significant reasons. If modifications have been made to the Service contents, use method and/or time, then Subscribers must be made fully aware of details including the reason for such modifications, the modified sections of the Service, and provided date before such modifications are made using methods easily recognizable by you such as through Notifications in the pertaining Service.

The Company may modify, suspend, or update portions of, or the whole Service, which is provided free-of-charge, if it is necessary for the Company’s policy or for operational needs and the Company may not provide separate compensation to You, unless specified in provisions of related laws.

We can provide a variety of information.

In order to use the Serviceyou may need to view ads. This allows us to provide you with a variety of services free of charge in principle and is the basis for providing a better service by investing in new research and development.

Company may provide information that is deemed to be useful to Subscribers while using the Service using methods such as notice or in-Service alert and in such cases, the Subscriber may refuse to accept the information, excluding information on transactions and customer inquiries, as is stated in related laws, at any time. However, prior approval from the Subscriber is needed when transmitting for-profit information, through phone or similar methods including SMS.

In association with the Service operation, the Company may place advertisements on the Service webpage, homepage etc. The Subscriber shall not modify, update or restrict Postings or information related to the Service provided by the Company.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You may cancel his/her Terms of Use anytime through account deletion screen within the Service and the Company will immediately handle such withdrawal according to related legislation. When You cancel the Agreement according to related legislation and Privacy Protection Policy, all Your data shall be deleted immediately and will not be restored except for a case where the Company possesses Subscriber information.

When You cancel the Agreement, all information registered to your account such as profile picture with which You can be identified shall be deleted. However, postings registered to a public board or re-posted by others by scrapping shall not be deleted, thus be sure to delete such information before withdrawing your Subscription.

There are several exceptions to the responsibility imposed during Service operation.

Company shall be exempt from any responsibility related to providing Service in the case where the Company is unable to provide Service due to natural disasters or any force majeure and the Company shall not be responsible for Service use or network error caused by your fault such as loss of accessing media (device).

Furthermore, the Company shall not be responsible for the credibility and accuracy of the information, document and facts that You had posted regarding Service and the Company shall be exempt from liabilities for the exchange which is made among Subscribers or between Subscribers and the third person with the Service being medium. The Company shall not be responsible for use of Service provided for free unless specified otherwise in the relevant law.


Date of implementation: August 15, 2019


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