Activity Policy

Clubee is a space where people gather to share posts and images, a space to share one’s thoughts and information, and a space to share stories about daily life and interests. Clubee, a space for communication, dedicates itself to helping each individual to connect easily with various communities. We also ponder the value necessary for users to continue with enjoyable and beneficial meetings with others.

Clubee believes that the most important part of communication between members is a space where diversity is respected and a safe environment is maintained to gain the trust of our users based on the foundation of consideration for one another. Clubee wants users to freely express their opinions on the club, and supports freedom of expression. However, freedom of expression does not include the sharing of harmful content. We believe that finding a means of balance between the two is the way to improve our services as well as to maintain an enjoyable Clubee life.

In order to maintain a space founded on trust and consideration, Clubee gathers necessities and informs users of them through an activity policy and the application of this policy on the club. Clubee’s activity policy is continuously revised and improved through constant consideration, and we will strive to include the necessary principles in order to create a pleasant service.


Club, where diversity is respected

  • Club is autonomously managed through ClubMaster / ClubManager

    Creating a Club means to create a space not only for family, friends, and close acquaintances, but also a space for communication between members who share similar interests. The person who creates a Club becomes the club master, and the club can be managed in different ways in accordance with each club master’s selected options. Unlike ordinary members, the club master / club manager has the authority to control the club in general, and club manager can delete posts/comments, withdraw members, and manage other administrative matters for club management. To the extent that it is important to manage and take responsibility for club as club master and club manager, we ask that you properly exercise your authority to satisfy the characteristics of the participating members and of club.

  • There are different club types depending on the degree of openness and management type.

    Club supports members to enable management through different scopes of the display, number of members, management type, membership terms, and more. If a club has a clear purpose and a form that fits the purpose, all participating members on club can have a pleasant Clubee experience.

  • Clubee opposes hatred and exclusion of specific individuals or specific classes.

    Clubee is a small society made up of diverse people. Because it is a shared space, it is important to show consideration for others and to be protected from imprudent exclusion of a specific group. Any activity on the club that degrades an ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual preference, disability, or disease or induces the exclusion of related groups will be determined an act of hatred. In the case that such actions are discovered on the club, the related content may be deleted and the service activities of the concerned member(s) may be sanctioned.

Safe Clubee

  • Clubee does not allow false member information or access information.

    Activities with a fake account or other unusual actions such as access attempted through a mechanical device become potentially dangerous factors to the service. Activities conducted through false information or of anything related to mechanical activities will not be permitted, and clubee strives to protect the service from such acts.

    When joining clubee, one must enter accurate information. Discovery of false information or fraud may lead to restrictions in service use. Accounts with temporary phone numbers or e-mails that are not meant for continuous contact may be determined unusual and service may be restricted. We ask that users take caution when signing up or connecting accounts. Mechanical joining and log-ins that can obstruct service quality and safety will also be limited.

    If the items entered at sign-up have changed, the user profile must immediately be revised to reflect the appropriate changes. Changes in mobile phone number or device require registration of a connecting account for continual use of Clubee after said changes. If the changes are not updated and cases of loss occur, Clubee will not be held responsible for such losses.

  • We keep a reporting channel open for inappropriate content.

    The foundation of a safe Clubee must be a clean and pleasant service that protects users from spam, harmful topics, and inappropriate content. In order to quickly eliminate inappropriate content, Clubee offers report functions throughout its services. If you discover content or clubs that presents a problem, you can use the report function to directly make a report to the Clubee service. The reported content will be immediately processed by the Clubee service, and an automatic blinding process will be enforced to protect users from anything that may be harmful. However, not all content that is reported is sanctioned, and please note that the matter and method of disciplinary action are determined in accordance with the policies of the Clubee service.

  • Content is managed from all angles and resolved in phases.

    Basically, all operational responsibilities pertaining to individual clubs fall on the club-master. The club-master and the club-manager who is granted authority by the club-master can delete inappropriate content and block or force a member out of the club. If a user’s content is not appropriate according to the club’s purposes or it is determined that certain content makes other users uncomfortable, the club-master and the club-manager can sanction it, and the subject and method of said sanctions will be fully made by the club-master and the club-manager.

    In addition to the regulations on sanctions of each club decided by the club-master, if a member acts in a way that violates the terms, activity policies, or regulations, all management responsibilities first fall on the club-master. If separate measures are not taken in spite of the warning and correction request of the Clubee service, the club-master may be deprived of authority or be restricted from service use. If a club-master cannot maintain normal activity as a result of such a case, the Clubee service can withdraw the club-master’s authority and appoint another member in the club as club-master.

    If other content or activities that are inappropriate to the service are reported or discovered in spite of the club-master and the club-manager’s management, the service administrator can directly sanction it. Content that is sanctioned by the service includes pornography, illegal content, and others that need to be controlled by legal or social standards. If and advertisement makes club users uncomfortable, the user who posted the advertisement and the club that allowed the posting will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with ‘Article 50.7 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.’ Content containing pornography, illegal content, and advertisements that are sanctioned will be blocked out or deleted, face phased restrictions in service use, be subject to restricted searching on club, or be shut down.

    Because Clubee is a space used by people of all ages, we work hard to block out all harmful content. The understanding and active cooperation of users are extremely crucial as well. We hope that all users will share stories that are appropriate to each club’s personality and theme so that all members can remain active on Clubee for a long time.

  • Standard of circulative pornographic acts that fall under reasons for the restriction of use
    • Content that shows male/female sexual organs or depicts related content in a vulgar manner
    • Content that contains images of clothed people where an emphasis is placed on the male/female sexual organs or where the sexual organ’s outline or curves are revealed due to close-range photography
    • Content that includes images of unclothed or overexposed private areas, or images of people wearing transparent clothing, resulting in the exposure of bare skin
    • Content that directly portrays sexual activities or masturbation
    • Content that portrays children or teenagers as subjects of sexual entertainment
    • Content that provides a detailed description of inhumane sexual activities, including adultery or incest, or portrays such information for the sake of arousing interest
    • Content that portrays illegal sexual activities such as prostitution as if to be a lawful act
    • Content that provides a link to other websites that contain obscene content

    (!) Even if a club is set to allow only adults, uploading of obscene content could be faced with restrictions according to the relevant legislation. If the purpose of opening a club is found to be for the sharing of obscene content, it can be immediately shut down.

  • Standard of circulative acts of illegal content that fall under reasons for the restriction of use
    • Content that glamorizes, recommends or encourages illegal activities
    • Content that glamorizes or provokes decadent activities, such as sexual abuse or drug use
    • Content that depicts or glamorizes sexual assault, including sexual violence, rape, and gang rape graphically or in detail
    • Content that seeks targets for or mediates sexual activities, including prostitution, cyber-sex, or explicit sexual dialogue
    • Content that guides to or mediates users to find obscene information or locations of adult entertainment establishments
    • Content that contains illegal information on resident registration number generators, credit card generators, and/or item generators
    • Content that sells or publicizes illegal products to users
    • Content that includes pictures of parts of other people’s bodies that were taken against their will or which may lead to sexual humiliation
    • Distribution of illegal hacking information or virus
    • Content that includes false or illegal information, such as illegal multilevel marketing activities or false reception
    • Content that provides links to other websites that contain illegal content
    • Content that may lead to monetary transactions related to the human body, including the sales of ovum, organs, or surrogate mothering
    • Content that encourages speculative activities including gambling
    • Content that includes programs that impede the user service environment, such as malicious codes or viruses, programs that interfere with the company’s business, such as search abuse, or those that recommend the installation or distribution of such programs
    • Promoting illegal speculative spirit (Conducting commercial activities through a speculative business that does not comply with related legislation including the Korea Racing Association Act and Bicycle and Motorboat Racing Act as well as the Lottery Tickets and Lottery Fund Act)
    • Cases of sales/mediation of mail order prohibited goods or restricted goods
      • Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or psychotropic drugs or medication
      • Guns, blades, explosives, spray guns, electroshock weapons, crossbows, and imitation firearms that resemble actual firearms
      • Prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses
      • Electrical appliances or industrial products without safety certification mark(s) that require relevant safety certification, electrical appliances or industrial products without self-regulatory safety confirmation declaration mark(s) that require self-regulatory safety confirmation declaration, and goods without child-resistant packaging marks that require such markings
      • Pornography, media/drug/goods harmful to minors (only applicable when such harmful media/drugs/goods are sold to minors)
      • Trademark infringement goods ('fake' goods)
      • Items violating copyright, portrait rights, or title rights, as well as uninspected items
      • Military uniforms and goods
      • Hazardous food, tainted meat, or synthetic products made with unapproved chemicals
      • Health supplements and medical devices
      • Stolen or lost property
      • Endangered or protected wildlife, processed goods, or tools for wildlife capture
      • Items for which sales on the internet are prohibited by the related laws
  • Standard of sanctioned acts that fall under reasons for the restriction of use
    • Using the service for purposes that divert from the original purpose, such as abusing an error spotted while using Clubee, abnormally increasing the quantity of content/members, or misrepresenting oneself as the club’s administrator
    • Repeatedly uploading mechanically generated pattern texts using a program or posting abnormal content by inserting specific keywords/phrases
    • Repeatedly entering content such as a letter of fortune, spam, or promotional content
  • We take firm measures against crimes concerning life

    All of the users who appreciate Clubee are Clubee’s most valuable asset. Clubee is extremely sensitive when it comes to crimes that are directly related to the lives of users. Clubee does not allow acts that encourage self-harm or suicide. Acts of request, encouragement, or mediation of murder are strictly prohibited. Distribution of information linked to terrorism is also prohibited.

    Clubee takes deliberate measures against acts that threaten life. If a report about content or chats concerning this is made, not only will the content be deleted or blocked out, but an act of suicide that demands that urgent matters be taken will immediately be reported to the related investigative agency along with the discovered content and user information in order to prevent any suicidal acts before they are carried out.

  • We respect the rights of creators

    Clubee believes that content created by users is the means to make our lives more fruitful, and Clubee strives to protect each item of content under the rightful authority of the rightful people. Content posted on Clubee by users is the possession of those users, and their intellectual property rights and authority belong to the users. However, in order to receive rightful acknowledgment of such rights over the content, it is important to respect the rights of other users’ content. To share other users’ creative work, you must first check with the user to confirm whether or not the applicable content can be legitimately shared.

  • Need for interest and caution regarding personal information.

    Efforts must be made by users to prevent the leakage of personal information. If others induce leakage of personal information or if users leak personal information themselves, it can lead to unfavorable results, and thus we ask that users be extremely cautious with the sharing of personal information. If leaked personal information is reported, Clubee will block out the related content.

    Alongside the efforts of each member, there are things that club master must do to protect their personal information. A club master cannot collect or sell a member’s personal information without prior consent from the member. If a member’s personal information is collected in the process of operating club for the sales of goods or group purchases, the admin must receive clear consent from the member concerning the member’s right to refuse the collection of personal information, personal information items, collection purpose, and storage period collected by the information agency. The admin will be liable for all violations of this, and in the event that related acts are discovered, there may be disadvantages affecting the use of the Clubee.



Date of implementation: August 15, 2019


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